Providing unique steel solutions has been our focus from day one. Seventy years on, it is sharper than ever.
We are deeply grateful for our customer relationships and the opportunity to be a trusted supply chain partner to a wide assortment of manufacturers.

Admiral Steel circa 1950

A little about us...
1949 was the year it all began. In a small warehouse outside Chicago, one man and an idea; to provide quality products, dependable service, and superior value on orders of all sizes, big or small. This idea was born as Admiral Steel.

While many things have changed since that day, over 70 years ago, 3 things have remained a constant for us - the committment to Quality, Service, and Value. Over the years we've grown, but at steady and sustainable pace. We stock over 1300 different products and have customers all around the world, ranging in size from mom and pop to Fortune 500.

We've carefully invested in people and technologies that help us to better serve our customers - as their success becomes our own. We are proud to have weathered every single economic downturn without ever laying off a single employee. Instead of cutting employees, we've invested in green technologies to lower our costs and reduce our carbon footprint. We've used economic prosperity to reinvest in ourselves and, through our charitable foundations, in those less fortunate. We've blended new technology with old, and allowed the spirit of innovation to be our guiding light.

As we search for ways to better ourselves, it is with our customers in mind. Through our capital reinvestment project we've replaced or updated almost all of our production equipment and tooling. This was done not with thoughts of how many customers we might add, but how we can give our existing customers an even better quailty product.

In this age of merger after mega-merger, we remain a family owned and operated business. Our focus is on family, our customers and employees, not shareholders. We remain committed to the principles and values instilled in us by our fathers and grandfathers; to provide quality products, dependable service and superior value. This on-going committment is symbolized by our ISO 9000 registration and reflected in our quality policy, which is simply "Admiral Steel is committed to total customer satisfaction."

We thank you for taking the time to visit us and look forward to serving your needs - whether it's 10 lbs or 10,000. If there's anything we can do for you, please don't hesitate to call upon us.

Admiral Steel present day