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CR Spheroidized Annealed SAE/AISI 4130
Aircraft Quality Alloy Steel
A chrome-moly alloy steel for general use where welding and moderate tensile properties are required. Material is carefully rolled to be free from laminations, tears, & seams.
AMS 5062, 6350, & 6351
TYPICAL ANALYSIS:C .28/.33 Mn .40/.60 P .020 max S .025 max Si .20/.35 Cr .80/1.00 Mo .15/.25
TYPICAL HARDNESS: Rockwell B 85 max
TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Aircraft parts, cargo hardware, seatbelts, & washers
AVAILABLE FORMS: Stock size sheets & plates. Material may also be slit, sheared, laser cut, leveled, blanked, edged, deburred &/or reflattened to your specifications.
AVAILABLE GAUGES:.042 - .187 - Refer to our catalog for specific sizes!!!